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Our Services

Make Believing A Limitless Possibility


Our Focus

Our goal is to assist our clients in identifying their career interests and then finding their appropriate career placement. Clients will have the ability to gain proficient work experience in the area of their choice at their own pace. Job opportunities available in the following areas:

technology, retail, food service, janitorial, manufacturing, warehouse, hospitality, cosmetology, office, production, auto detailing, computer development, and many more. 

Employment Service

Employment Service

Dreamers and believer’s employment service, pre-employment training includes activities that will assist our clients in taking their job search and development to the next level. Career seeking and career development assessments are used for individuals to determine their personal career goals and choices.


Services Offered But Not Limited To

Resume Building | Mock Interview Training | 1-1 Individualized Support | Assessments 
Interview Skills-Building
| Work Etiquette Training | Dress Etiquette Training 
Socialization and Communication Training and Support
| Support for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurial Goals 
Innovative Software Technology to Further Social, Cognitive and Job Skills in the Workforce 
Using Job Search Engines for Application Submission
| Identifying Job Opening as Indicated by His or Her Goals 
Negotiating Job Carving
| Career Fairs | Worksite Assistance | Pick Up and Drop Off
Transportation Services
| Community Safety Training | Mobility Training

Program Objectives


  • Understanding your strengths and interest.

  • Identifying your career goals and options 

  • Finding your desired job 

  • Creating a vision for the career of your desire 

  • How to achieve future career success 

  • Organizing your career goals 

  • Creating milestones 


  • Allowing the individual to take their time in their job search

  • 1-1 individualized support 

  • Steer through the process of social development in the workplace 

  • Pivoting through the job search process 

  • Evaluating career options 

  • Pivoting through the stages of employment 

  • Understanding the details of your career choice 


  • Executing career goals

  • Evaluating career milestones 
    Securing the career of your choice 

  • Advancing in your career 

  • Recognizing the milestones you completed to get where you are

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